How To Remove Creases From Leather Boots?

Last Updated on October 17, 2022 by Sarah Jaffe

There’s nothing worse than pulling your favorite leather boots out of storage after the winter, only to find that they’re full of unsightly creases.

I absolutely hate it when my leather boots start to get those pesky creases in them. Creases and wrinkles can form over time, making them look old and tired. It seems like no matter how careful you are, they always end up looking a little worse for wear.

Read on to learn how you can remove creases from your leather boots using common household items and get your boots looking new in a matter of minutes! 

What Causes Leather Boots to Crease?

There are a few things that can cause leather boots to develop creases. The most common causes are:

  1. Wearing them regularly:

Over time, the constant flexing of the leather as you walk will cause it to form creases. This is especially true if you don’t take care to rotate between different pairs of boots.

Even if you’re careful about how you put them on and take them off, the natural foot movement while you’re walking is enough to cause creases to form.

  1. Storing them improperly:

If you store your boots in a tight space, such as a congested closet, they’re more chances of creases. This is because the leather can’t breathe properly and starts to dry out, causing it to become brittle and more susceptible to wrinkling.

  1. Not conditioning them regularly:

If you don’t keep your boots properly conditioned, the leather dries out, and it becomes stiff, making it more likely to develop creases.

Other causes include exposure to extreme temperatures and getting them wet.

8 Ways to Remove Creases From Leather Boots

We have mentioned 8 common ways to remove wrinkles and creases using household items from leather boots. These are as follows:

1. Hair dryer

Used Hair dryer to Remove Creases From Leather Boots

One of the quickest and easiest ways to make leather boots wrinkle-free is to use a hair dryer. 

  1. It is first important to ensure the boot is clean and dry. 
  2. Then, hold the hairdryer about six inches away from the crease and blast it with heat for 30-60 seconds.
  3. Next, use your fingers to massage back and forth across the surface of the boot until the creases start to disappear while the boot is still warm.
  4. The heat will help to loosen the fibers and allow the crease to disappear. 
  5. It may take experimenting with different settings on the hair dryer until you find one that works well for you.
  6. Finally, let the boot cool completely before wearing it.

It’s important to be careful not to overdo it, as too much heat or pressure can damage leather. 

2. Use Iron

If you have an iron and a bit of time, you can try removing creases from your boots with heat.

  1. First, make sure that your iron is set to a low heat setting.
  2. Next, dampen a clean cloth with water and place it over the boot.
  3. Finally, run the hot iron over the top of the cloth for about 20-40 seconds.
  4. Repeat this process until the crease is gone.
  5. Before wearing the boot, let it cool completely.

3. Newspaper

The stuffing of leather boots with newspaper is another way to prevent them from getting creased.

  1. Wad up a sheet of newspaper into a ball.
  2. Mold the ball to fit the contours of the shoe by inserting it into the boot.
  3. The newspaper will help to fill out the boot and stretch out the leather.
  4. You should wait a few hours before removing the newspaper from the boots.

4. Use a boot tree

Inserting a boot tree into your boots
Inserting a boot tree into your boots

Boot trees are specifically designed to help keep your boots in good shape and can be used to make your boots crease-free.  A boot tree is a wooden or plastic insert that helps to hold the shape of the boot.

Inserting a boot tree into your boots when they are not being worn will help to prevent creases from forming in the first place. Most shoe stores carry them and they’re relatively inexpensive. If you already have creases in your boots, you can try using a boot tree to help remove them.

  1. Simply insert the boot tree into the boot and allow it to sit overnight.
  2. The next day, the crease should be significantly diminished.

5. Use a shoe polish

Use Polish for Removing Creases from Leather Boots

Shoe polish is a great option for removing light creases. This will not only help to fill in the creases, but it will also give your boots a nice shine.

  1. Simply rub a small amount of shoe polish into the damaged area with a soft cloth.
  2. Rub in a circular motion. The heat from the friction will help to soften the leather, allowing the crease to disappear. 

The polish will help to smooth out creases and make them less obvious.

6. Use vinegar

This is another good option if you want to get rid of creases in leather boots and also add a sheen to the shoes.

  1. In a spray bottle, combine equal parts vinegar and water and spray the solution on the affected area.
  2. Using a damp cloth, wipe it away after letting it sit for a few minutes. 
  3. The acidity in the vinegar will help to break down the fibers in the leather, making the crease in boots less visible. 

7. Use petroleum jelly

One of the easiest and most effective ways to smooth out leather boots is to use petroleum jelly.

  1. Rub a bit of petroleum jelly into the creases with a soft cloth. 
  2. This will help to loosen up the leather and relax the crease making them less noticeable.
  3. Just be sure to wipe off any excess jelly so that it doesn’t attract dirt and grime. 

8. Use a commercial leather conditioner

Another convenient way to fix leather boots with creases and also clean them at the same time is the use of leather conditioners.

  1. All you need to do is apply a generous amount of conditioner to the impacted area and rub it gently using a circular motion.
  2. Then, leave the conditioner on for 10-15 minutes before wiping it off with a clean cloth.
  3. Finally, buff the area with a dryer sheet until the crease disappears. 

Tips To Prevent Leather Boots From Creasing

To avoid creases from developing in your leather boots, follow these tips:

  1. Right size:

If your boots are too big, they’re going to slip and slide around, which will cause the leather to crease. On the other hand, if they’re too small, they’ll be tight and uncomfortable, and you’ll be more likely to scuff them as you walk. So wear leather boots that fits your size.

  1. Avoid wearing leather boots in wet conditions:

This is one of the most important tips that you need to follow in order to prevent your leather boots from creasing. Wet conditions can cause the leather to swell, which in turn will cause the boots to crease. If you must wear your leather boots in wet conditions, make sure that you waterproof them beforehand.

  1. Store them properly:

It is important to store leather boots in a cool, dry environment when they aren’t in use. Exposing them to sunlight or heat can cause the leather to dry out and become brittle, which can lead to creases.

If you live in an area with high humidity, consider storing your boots in a moisture-resistant bag.

  1. Don’t overstretch the leather:

When you first get your boots, it is important to break them in slowly. Wear them for a few days until the leather stretches to fit your foot. Once the leather has stretched, it is more prone to creasing.

  1. Don’t Tighten Them Too Much:

When you put on your leather boots, don’t pull them too tight. The leather can become stretched and wrinkled as a result. Instead, leave a little bit of room so that the boots can expand and contract with your movements.

  1. Condition Them Regularly:

Leather boots need to be conditioned on a regular basis to stay soft and supple. If the leather dries out, it will be more susceptible to creasing. Be sure to use a leather conditioner that’s specifically designed for boots to keep them looking their best.

  1. Give them a break:

If you wear your boots every day, give them a few days to rest in between so they can retain their shape.

  1. Use boot shapers:

Boot shapers are a great way to keep your boots from developing creases. Simply insert the shapers or cotton balls into your boots when you’re not wearing them and they will help to hold the shape of the boots and prevent creasing.

The following tips will help you protect your leather boots over the years and keep them looking great.


Creases in leather boots can be unsightly and make your boots look old and worn out. If you are having a difficult time removing the creases from your leather boots, don’t worry. Hopefully, one of these techniques will do the trick for you and your boots will be good as new in no time at all!

Taking good care of your leather boots will make them look just like new! How do you keep your leather boots free of creases? Let us know in the comments!


Does real leather crease?

Yes, real leather will crease over time. This is part of the aging process and adds to the character of the piece. Aniline and semi-aniline leathers are more susceptible to creasing as they have less surface protection.

Is it normal for leather boots to crease?

Yes, leather boots naturally crease. Creasing occurs mainly from the movement of the feet while wearing the boots. Additionally, heat and humidity can also cause creasing. 

How do you smooth wrinkled leather?

The best way to eliminate wrinkles in leather is to use a leather conditioner or olive oil. Start by cleaning the leather with mild soap and water. Next, apply the conditioner or olive oil to the leather in a circular motion.
Finally, buff the leather with a soft cloth to remove any excess oil. Eventually, it will remove wrinkles from the leather boots.