Best Hunting Boots For Cold Weather

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Best Hunting Boots For Cold Weather

Hunting in cold weather can be a dangerous activity, and the right gear can make the difference between an enjoyable experience and a disastrous one. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right hunting boots. Not only do they provide warmth and comfort, but they also provide stability, protection, and traction on slippery and icy surfaces.

A survey conducted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation found that nearly 60% of hunters prefer to hunt in cold weather. With such a large number of hunters investing in cold-weather hunting gear, it’s important to choose the right boots.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns of the risk of developing trench foot when your feet are exposed to cold and wet conditions for prolonged periods. Moisture robs your feet of the warmth they need to keep the blood flowing, causing potential tissue damage. 

So to avoid this, it is highly recommended to wear top-notch hunting boots when out in cold weather.

Best Hunting Boots For Cold Weather – Our Top Picks

Finding the right hunting boots for cold weather can be a challenge. From keeping your feet warm and comfortable to providing necessary traction and stability, there’s a lot to consider. To make life easier, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best warmest hunting Boots. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look and find your feet the perfect fit!

1. Danner Men’s Hunting (Best Overall For Cold)

Danner Men's Hunting Boots

Key Specifications:

Midsole technologyRubberized EVA midsole
Weight ‎2.3 Kilograms
ShankNylon to reduce the load on your feet
Insulation8 inches of insulation

According to a famous Television host and professional hunter, Tom Miranda;

“The right pair of boots can make all the difference between a successful hunt and a miserable one. Invest in quality boots that are waterproof, well-insulated, and provide traction in wet and icy conditions. I can’t stress enough the importance of having the right hunting boots in cold weather as they will keep your feet dry, warm, and comfortable so you can focus on the hunt.” 

Danner extreme cold weather hunting boots stand out from the crowd as it features 1200G of insulation to ensure your feet stay warm and snug during the chilliest of weather. This insulation is intricately crafted to trap heat and prevent any cold drafts from penetrating. Plus, the insulation makes the boots waterproof and moisture-resistant, keeping your feet both toasty and dry.

We love that Danner hunting boots are made from full-grain leather. Keeping feet warm and dry in cold weather, and breathable in warmer temperatures, this leather offers protection, support, and flexibility. Whether you’re trekking through difficult terrain or traversing hard surfaces, you can trust that your feet will remain comfy and fatigue-free.

After having tried out a multitude of their boots, I can confidently say this one does not let you down. It surpasses previous models by providing superior warmth for your feet. The topline binding provides a snug fit, keeping the snow and chill out while keeping all the warmth in.

Danner’s superior midsole technology puts comfort and performance at your feet. The lightweight, flexible, and durable rubberized EVA material helps reduce fatigue, improve foot stability and provide insulation from cold weather. You can take on any terrain knowing your feet will be energized and protected.

  • Made from premium quality Thinsulate that reflects your own feet’ heat, you’ll feel warm even in the chilliest of climes.
  • Weighing just ‎2.3 Kilograms, they are both lightweight and portable.
  • Its shank is made from Nylon to reduce the load on your feet and calves, helping you make the steepest of climbs with ease.
  • Crafted with 8 inches of insulation, so that your feet stay toasty in snowy conditions.
  • Some of the users have complained that these boots are too stiff.

2. Oboz Hunting Boots (Best in the Low Budget)

Oboz Hunting Boots

Key Specifications:

Nylon shankOffers support between heel and forefoot.
Single-density EVA midsoleProvides supportive balanced cushioning.
Outsole mapfeatures Granite Peak
3M Thinsulate InsulationMicrofibers

Oboz is all about keeping your feet warm and comfortable. With insulated top sheets, your feet receive a layer of protection from the cold surface underneath. This insulation limits the amount of heat lost through the sole of the boot, so your feet remain toasty for longer. It also prevents sweat build-up, meaning your feet aren’t left out in the cold!

Using insoles with a Mylar bottom sheet can be a game-changer for this unit. This ultra-thin, lightweight material is like a mirror for your feet, reflecting your body heat back up and away from the ground. This keeps your feet toasty warm in cold temps and boosts performance by giving your feet extra insulation and protection from the elements.

If an outdoor adventure is what you seek, then you won’t want to pass up these boots! Their quintessential hiking outsole is designed to provide support and protection, so you don’t have to feel every rock and root you step on. Plus, the cold-weather-specific outsole is made with winter rubber that ensures you keep a firm grip even in tricky conditions.

Furthermore, these boots boast TPU Chassis technology, meant to give your foot the aid it needs. It distributes the pressure of the midsole evenly, so you can enjoy increased comfort and reduced fatigue. What’s more, the stability reduces slipping risks and improves your balance, making it easier to tackle even the most challenging terrain.

Oboz shoes provide the perfect combination of warmth, protection, and comfort. With their waterproof and breathable membrane and DWR-treated nubuck leather uppers, your feet will stay dry and cozy throughout your outdoor adventures. Rely on Oboz to keep you comfortable and protected from the cold and wet elements, whether you’re trekking through the woods or camping in the rain.

  • Equipped with molded heel kicks that reduce the chances of slipping and falling on slippy surfaces.
  • They are quite inexpensive boots compared to other high-quality boots in the market.
  • Its single-density EVA is designed to provide cushioning and shock absorption for the wearer.
  • With its rubber toe cap, your toes will be protected from rocks, roots, and any other trail debris.
  • After six months of use, the adhesion between the rubber and leather began to falter, gradually loosening its grip.

3. Rocky Men’s Hunting Boots

Rocky Men's Hunting Boots

Key Specifications:

Insulation800 grams 3M Thinsulate Ultra
ShankNylon shank
Height8 Inches in height
ConstructionStrobel / cement construction

For those seeking relief and protection in the face of chilly surroundings, Rocky is one of the best deer hunting boots for cold weather. This boot has a secret weapon, a Nylon shank that helps to keep feet secure and supported, creating a snug fit that also absorbs shock and cushions the foot. With Rocky, you won’t have to worry about the chill of winter sets in, the Nylon shank will keep the cold air at bay.

You’ll love being out in cold weather conditions with 3M Thinsulate Ultra Insulation! It’s designed to keep you three times warmer than traditional insulation and can keep you toasty in temperatures as low as -25°F. Plus, it wicks away moisture and offers 800 grams of breathable insulation for maximum comfort. 

Moreover, the Strobel/cement construction of this boot is truly a marvel. It consists of a single stitch that holds the upper and lower part of the boot together, making it stable and extremely durable. The cement construction is what helps make it waterproof and provides a flexible fit that won’t get too tight and uncomfortable. 

Our team of hunters has extensively tested these shoes on a diverse range of terrains and climates, from snowy mountains to soggy marshlands. They said that the bottom of these men’s boots is a real treat for your feet, as the rubber outsole ensures every step is as pleasant as it can be. The rubber material also gives you the traction and grip you need, wherever your steps take you.

Rocky has a revolutionary EnergyBed footbed that is truly a one-of-a-kind. Not only does it absorb shock, but it also prevails against the cold, helping to keep your feet cozy for extended periods of time. The memory foam conforms to your foot, creating a customized fit that not only feels great but also provides insulation to maximize warmth.

  • It is 8 inches in height to provide more support for the ankles, which can help prevent injuries.
  • The toe end is made from polyfill substances that build a thermal barrier between your feet and the outer environment.
  • Created from 100% full-grain leather that allows air to circulate around your feet to keep them warm and dry.
  • Have a full camouflage print, to allow the hunters to remain hidden from predators and prey.
  • These boots have a sole that is a bit too rough for comfort.

4. Guide Gear Hunting Boots

Guide Gear Hunting Boots

Key Specifications:

MembraneHydroGuard breathable membrane
Insulation1,400-gram Thinsulate Ultra
LiningMoisture-wicking mesh lining
Comfort ratingComfort rated to -58F

For those spending long hours in a tree stand, Guide Gear Giant Timber II is the ideal scouting boots. With their Waterproof HydroGuard breathable membrane, your feet will stay warm and dry in any cold weather conditions. The membrane allows moisture to escape, while still blocking the elements, which prevents blisters and keeps the boot lightweight for easy movement. 

We were very impressed by its Thinsulate Ultra Insulation which helps keep feet toasty and comfy in the coldest of weather. This bulk-free heat-retaining design creates a snug barrier that traps warmth while blocking out frigid air. A 1,400-gram weight of the thermal layer provides significant insulation, ensuring that even temperatures as low as -58°F won’t leave your feet shivering. 

Besides that this item has a moisture-wicking mesh lining, ensuring your feet stay dry and comfy. Its fabric wicks moisture away from the skin, promoting temperature regulation and eliminating friction between your feet and the boot material. Plus, it’s breathable, helping to keep your feet cool to prevent perspiration and overheating.

What’s more, is that these boots employ 900-denier nylon uppers that are made up of tightly woven fibers that create a strong, protective outer layer. This layer prevents water from soaking through, meaning that it can withstand more wear and tear and will keep your feet dry for longer, and also provides a great deal of abrasion resistance.

Guide Gear’s warmest hunting boots for sitting in a tree stand feature ScentMask scent control that can help to keep it as scent-free as possible by creating a barrier between the boots and the environment. So this characteristic in return gives the hunter an advantage in the field.

  • These 14-inch tall boots will provide you with unbeatable coverage, so you can confidently explore the outdoors.
  • Its Suede leather construction permits you to walk more safely in slippery and wet conditions.
  • Designed with a Rubber guard toe that wraps around your feet like a shield, protecting them from harm.
  • Guide Gear’s steel shank support offers protection from all the knocks and bumps that cold wild terrains throw your way.
  • A handful of our intrepid hunters have voiced their displeasure that the boots pinch at their ankles.

5. Rocky Bearclaw Hunting Boots

Rocky Bearclaw Hunting Boots

Key Specifications:

ShankSteel shank
FootbedAir-Port cushion footbed
Insulation1,000 grams Thinsulate Ultra
Weight5.3 pounds per pair for a size 10

Are you searching for a boot that will keep your feet warm and dry on your outdoor hunting adventures?  If so, then the Rocky BearClaw 3D boot is exactly what you need. Its full-grain leather will help reduce the risk of blisters and discomfort. The leather also offers natural protection from the elements and will help guard against any sharp objects you may encounter while out hunting.

You’ll be happy to know that these boots come with a steel shank that offers stellar support and helps to keep you comfy by providing a balanced distribution of weight. The steel shank also curbs fatigue and soreness, particularly in colder climates, with its extra cushioning and shock absorption. Too, it helps to ensure a snug fit that won’t cause those pesky blisters.

In addition to that, it delivers an extra layer of warmth and comfort in the toughest of conditions, with 1,000 grams of 3M Thinsulate Ultra Insulation. Temperatures as low as -40°F won’t stand a chance against this insulation, helping to keep feet dry in wet conditions and quiet during hunting. With this insulation, the wearer’s feet will stay warm for longer, improving their odds of success.

Customers can’t resist this purchase due to the GORE-TEX construction. It’s an unbeatable guard against water and wind but still allows your feet to breathe. This membrane is applied to the boot’s outer shell and consists of two layers: an outer fabric layer that’s water-resistant, breathable, and wind-resistant, and an inner membrane layer that’s waterproof and breathable.

  • The 9 inches higher boot also offers better ankle support, especially when traversing rough terrain.
  • Its welt construction binds the upper and lower materials of the boot together, creating a water-resistant seal to help keep the foot dry and warm.
  • Possess nylon featuring MOBU technology that enables the boots to stand up to the rigorous demands of hunting in cold climates.
  • Equipped with the outsole that is composed of three-dimensional lugs that are arranged to increase surface area and improve contact with the ground.
  • A few customers voiced their displeasure regarding the insulation situated around their heel/ankle area as it bunches up, tugging their socks down whenever they walk.

6. Muck Arctic Pro Hunting Boots

Muck Arctic Pro Hunting Boots

Key Specifications:

Neoprene liner8mm CR Flex-Foam neoprene liner
LiningFleece lining
BindingStretch-fit comfort topline
Footbed2mm thermal foam

Muck Arctic Pro is one the best cold weather boots for stand hunting and is designed for the hunter, outdoor enthusiast, and professional who needs to brave the cold with confidence. It’s 8mm neoprene bootie provides maximum warmth and protection in even the most extreme climates, making it the ideal choice for anyone who needs to stay safe and comfortable in cold weather. 

We love that its thermal foam layer beneath the footbed is a mere 2mm thick, but don’t let its size fool you. This powerful layer can keep you warm and cozy even in temperatures ranging from an icy -60°F (-50°C) all the way up to a balmy 30°F (-1°C). Despite its small stature, this layer is sure to deliver a strong performance in any climate.

In addition to protecting your feet from the elements, this boot’s Fleece lining adds an extra layer of insulation that helps retain heat and keep you warm. This insulation also prevents your feet from getting too sweaty in warmer conditions. Lined with lightweight Fleece, your feet will enjoy a soft, cushiony feel and enjoy enhanced shock absorption.

Be happy in the knowledge that when winter weather comes, these boots will be your reliable outdoor partner. With Stretch-fit comfort topline binding, your calves are kept warm and your feet are safe from the cold and any debris. Skiing, snowshoeing, or simply taking a stroll, these boots provide comfort and protection in equal measure.

When it comes to keeping your feet warm while hunting in the cold, the Muck Arctic Pro Hunting Boots are the way to go! With a whopping 15.25-inch shaft height, they deliver superior protection against the chilly outdoor air. Additionally, the extra height offers extra coverage and support around the ankle area, minimizing the chances of any injuries.

  • Possess 100% waterproofing capabilities thanks to its CR Flex-Foam liner.
  • Weighing just ‎only 2 to 3 lbs per boot, they are both lightweight and portable.
  • These boots have rear pull loops, making them easy to take on and off.
  • Designed with the Bob-Tracker molded outsole, so you can enjoy sure footing on slick ice and snow-covered terrain.
  • The boot is not very breathable, so your feet may get sweaty and uncomfortable during long periods of wear.

Guide For Buying Cold Weather Hunting Boots

Before you take the plunge and get a new pair of cold-weather hunting boots, there’s much more to consider than the average hunter may think. Everything from the type of hunting you do, to the conditions and temperatures you’ll face, needs to be taken into account to find the ideal boot. Make sure to keep all of these factors in mind before investing in your next pair of boots!


When deciding on the perfect shoe for cold-weather hunting, the number one factor to consider is whether it has adequate waterproofing or not. Without this, icy rain or snow could leave your feet frigid and uncomfortable. To make sure you stay dry, be sure to identify the materials used to construct the boot. If it’s not designed to keep out water, then it’s not suitable for a hunting trip during cold weather. Keep this in mind during your selection process!

Different hunting activities

If you are planning to be on the move during your hunt, you better be prepared for sweat and soggy feet. But don’t worry, you can still have a dry, comfortable experience by choosing well-fitted hunting boots with 800 grams of Thinsulate. These will also help keep your feet warm and keep the moisture away. Go with a lightweight pair of leather boots for improved breathability so you won’t find your feet weighed down when trekking through mud or snow.

If you want to be a successful hunter from a tree stand, make sure you’re equipped with boots that have at least 1,000 Thinsulate of insulation. These boots may be thick, bulky, and big, but they’ll protect your feet from the cold, so the lack of breathability won’t be an issue.


Traction is an important factor to consider when buying the best hunting boots for cold weather because it can help to improve your grip on slippery surfaces and prevent you from slipping and falling. The type of traction material that should be used in cold-weather hunting boots will depend on the type of terrain you are hunting in. 

If you are hunting in areas with a lot of mud and snow, then a lugged rubber outsole with multi-directional lugs is recommended. This type of outsole will provide superior grip and stability on slippery surfaces. If you are hunting in areas with rocks and gravel, then a Vibram outsole with wider lugs is recommended. This type of outsole will provide more grip on rocky surfaces, while still providing enough cushioning and flexibility to prevent fatigue.


 When purchasing the perfect hunting boots for cold weather, insulation is key. because it helps to keep your feet warm and comfortable. Insulation materials such as Thinsulate, Primaloft, and wool are the best options for keeping your feet warm and dry. Thinsulate is a lightweight, breathable insulation material that is great for keeping your feet warm. 


If you want to stay safe and secure on your adventures, a camouflage boot may be a wise choice. By blending in with the environment, you can easily hide from not only animals but also any predators that may be lurking. 

Whether you’re tracking a wild animal or just exploring the outdoors, these boots will help you remain undetected. With a camouflage boot, you can stalk your prey and ensure that you catch them before they get away. Don’t take the risk of getting spotted – invest in a pair of camouflage boots today!


When searching for the best boots for your feet, comfort should be top of mind. Look for boots with features like padded tongues and collars, laces, thick insoles, and slip-on or zippers that keep your feet cozy. No matter what, opt for models that make your feet feel the most comfortable, after all, that’s what matters most!

Final Verdict

When it comes to finding the perfect cold-weather hunting boot, you need to make sure it fits your hunting style. Choose a boot that will keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable, no matter the terrain. Spend some time in-store trying on different styles and asking questions. You’ll be investing in your boots, so make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

Our top pick is the Danner Men’s, Hunting Boot. It’s lightweight, breathable, and waterproof, so you’ll be ready for any situation. On a budget? Check out Oboz Hunting Boot. It’s built with plenty of traction and insulation for extreme cold weather hunting and still comes at a price that won’t break the bank.

Thank you for reading!


Should hunting boots for cold weather be tight or loose?

For the hunting boots of your dreams, you’ll want to go two sizes up when adding a liner. That way, your feet, and the liner will both find comfort. When the time comes to try them on, make sure it’s at the end of the day, when your feet are likely to be a bit swollen. Lastly, the boots should fit snugly around your instep and ankles.

What is the best insulation for hunting boots for snowy weather?

The best insulation for hunting boots for snowy weather is a combination of Thinsulate and Gore-Tex. Thinsulate offers superior warmth, while the Gore-Tex membrane helps keep the feet dry, while still allowing them to breathe. A combination of these two materials will provide the best insulation and protection from the cold in snowy weather.

How Long Will A Pair Of Cold Weather Hunting Boots Last?

The lifespan of a pair of cold-weather hunting boots can vary significantly depending on the quality of the boots, the environment in which they are used, and how often they are worn. Generally, a good pair of chilly-weather hunting boots will last anywhere from 2-3 years with regular use.

How Do I Keep My Feet Warm While Hunting?

To keep your feet warm while hunting, wear insulated waterproof boots and a pair of wool socks. Layering clothing is another great way to stay warm. Wear a pair of thermal underwear, a base layer, and an outer jacket. Additionally, use chemical warmers and make sure your feet are dry and free of moisture. Lastly, make sure to take regular breaks so that you can move around and keep your blood circulating.