Can Deer Smell Rubber Boots? (Scent & Rubber Boots)

Last Updated on October 1, 2022 by Sarah Jaffe

Hunting is a popular outdoor activity enjoyed by many people across the globe. In order to be successful, hunters often employ a variety of tactics to increase their chances of bagging a deer. One such tactic is using rubber boots while hunting.

Hunters often use rubber boots to wade through marshes or other wet areas where deer are likely to be found. The reasoning here is that the rubber boots help to keep the hunter’s feet dry and therefore minimize the chance of leaving a scent trail that could alert deer to their presence.   

In this article, we will help you understand how deer smell and whether they can detect the scent of rubber boots. We will also provide some tips on how to use this knowledge to your advantage while hunting. Without further ado, let’s get started

Can Deer Smell Rubber Boots?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. Deer have an acute sense of smell that is estimated to be up to 100 times more sensitive than that of a human being. Some studies even show that they are 500 to 5000 times more acute than humans.

This means that deer can easily detect the odor of rubber boots and other types of footwear.

In fact, deer can smell human beings from up to a mile away. This is why it is so important for hunters to take measures to reduce their scents while hunting. Grabbing rubber boots is one way to do this, as rubber does not retain human scent as much as other materials.

This shouldn’t be a real concern to you if you follow some simple scent control rules. You can wear rubber boots and still have a successful hunt.

Do Rubber Boots Really Keep Scent Down?

Yes, rubber boots are great at keeping scents at bay because they don’t absorb human scent like other materials. This is due to the fact that rubber is a non-porous material, which means that it does not allow scent molecules to penetrate its surface. This is in contrast to materials like cloth or leather, which are porous and will readily absorb human scent.

As a result, wearing rubber boots is the best way to minimize your scent while hunting. However, it is important to remember that rubber boots alone will not completely eliminate your scent.

Tips to Keep Your Rubber Boots Scent-Free

There are a few things you can do to keep your rubber boots from giving away your position:

1. Store your boots in a clean, dry place:

dirty rubber boots

While it is important to keep rubber boots in a dry, clean environment when you are not using them, especially if they have been stored for an extended period of time. There’s no need at all to worry, simply spray the outside and wipe off any excess. This will help prevent those pesky smells from seeping into its lining or spreading throughout other areas.

2. Clean your boots regularly:

Cleaned rubber boots

There’s no need to let your rubber boots go unchecked. Even if they don’t look dirty, you should clean them every few days and remove any human scent that could have been absorbed into the material during use by others or on its own accord as time went by without maintenance.

3. Use scent-eliminating products:

If you’re looking to reduce the human scent of your boots, there are a variety on the market that will do just what it takes. From spraying them down with an odor-eliminating product or wiping themselves clean and applying some after every time they step out into fresh air; these products have been proven effective at removing any unwanted traces from our presence so we don’t stand out too much when walking around town!

4. Don’t forget other scent-control measures:

Wearing rubber boots is just one part of being scent-conscious while hunting. There are a few more things you can do to reduce your scent and become less appealing to predators. For example, you can use scent-eradication products, avoid wearing perfumes or scented body lotions, and bathe regularly.

With these tips in mind, you can wear these boots without worrying about giving away your position. Just remember to take other scent-control measures as well, and you’ll be sure to have a successful hunt.

The Pros and Cons Of Rubber Boots For Deer Hunting

There are a few pros and cons to consider before deciding if rubber boots are right for you.


It reduces your scent while hunting:

When hunting, There’s something about rubber that makes you smell less. For example, they don’t absorb smells like other materials and leave only minimal evidence behind for animals to detect with their noses.

It is more comfortable:

For any hunt in which you want to be comfortable, rubber boots are a perfect choice. These types of footwear offer superior flexibility, which means they will never hurt or become uncomfortable when walking through rough terrain with your prey.

It keeps your feet dry:

One of the main benefits of rubber boots is that they are waterproof, which means they can keep your feet dry in wet conditions. But that’s not all they can do! Rubber boots can also help protect you from mud, puddles, and other messy places. So, next time you need to step in something slushy, make sure you’re wearing your rubber boots.


It is not totally scent-proof:

The rubber boots keep your feet dry, but they’re just one part of the puzzle. Scent-conscious hunters also know to wear rubber gloves and a face mask. If you’re looking to avoid detection by the person or people following your scent, it’s best that we take various measures as well. 

Avoiding scented deodorants and carefully choosing hunting clothes will both help us go undetected for longer periods of time than if our body odor was attracting all sorts of attention from those around us.

It can be hot:

Rubber boots can be hot to wear, especially in warm weather. This is because they’re not as breathable and offer less ventilation than other materials such as leather or canvas which will become badly heated after just an hour of wearing them all day long.

It can be noisy:

Another downside to rubber boots is that they can be quite noisy. This can be a problem if you are trying to stay stealthy while hunting.

Overall, you should consider the pros and cons of rubber boots before buying them. Humans have a natural instinct to cover up when they feel threatened or uncomfortable. If you want an extra layer of protection against any possible predators, then don’t forget about your rubber boots.


Your feet will stay dry in rubber boots and are more comfortable than other types of hunting boots. However, Take other scent-control measures such as using a deodorant without fragrance, washing your hunting clothes in hot water with soap, and then air drying them to avoid the stench.

While they will reduce slippage in slippery conditions, make sure that you choose a pair of boots that are comfortable and fit well so as to avoid any pain or discomfort while walking long distances.


Should you wear rubber boots for deer hunting?

Rubber boots are a good choice for deer hunting since they keep your feet warm and dry. Plus, they will also provide some traction in slippery conditions. However, it is important to choose boots that fit well so that you can walk long distances without issue.

How should rubber hunting boots fit?

The right rubber hunting boots will fit snugly and provide good support. They should also allow you enough room so that your toes can wiggle, but not be too tight or constricting on any part of the foot
The most important thing when purchasing these types of shoes is to make sure they’re comfortable as well because no one wants sore feet after all.