Can You Wear Leather Boots in The Summer?

Last Updated on October 21, 2022 by Sarah Jaffe

Are you a leather boot connoisseur who gets disappointed when it feels wrong to wear your leather? Well, have no fear! You can most definitely still enjoy your leather boots in summer. 

They can be worn in the summer, despite their reputation for being cold-weather shoes. Open-toe shoes and strapped sandals are big year-round favorites, but boots may look just as good in warmer months.

In this article, we’ll explore how to style leather boots in the summer. We’ll also touch on a few things to keep in mind when wearing them. So, if you’re ready to get started, read on!

Is it possible to wear leather boots in the summer?

It is possible to wear leather boots in the summer, although it might not be the most comfortable option. Leather can absorb heat and sweat and can create very bad odor making it a less-than-ideal choice for summer weather.

If you must wear leather boots in the summer, look for a pair that is well-ventilated and choose a lighter color that will reflect heat instead of absorbing it.

You might also want to consider wearing socks made from a natural fiber like cotton, which will help to absorb sweat and keep the user’s feet cooler and protect your leather boots from bad odor.

Why leather shoes can be worn in summer?

leather shoes during summer

Here are some of the benefits of wearing leather shoes during summer


Leather is a breathable material, which is one of the most important advantage you get in summer. Leather is a porous substance that allows air and moisture to pass through it, especially if the leather shoe hasn’t been treated with a plastic or synthetic coating.

Wearing shoes made from materials like rubber will make the feet hotter in summer weather than if you were wearing shoes made from other materials.


In summer, people are more active and need shoes that can handle all of their activities while still looking good. There are many reasons why leather is such a good choice for this material, including its durability, flexibility, water resistance, and ease of polish and maintenance.

Not only does leather look great, but it’s also a ventilated material, which means the user’s feet won’t overheat as quickly in the summer months.

Leather has an enormous tensile strength that no material other than rubber can compare to. In other words, if you want a shoe that will appear new even after extended use, choose leather!

Multifaceted or Adaptable:

You can never go wrong with a pair of leather shoes. They are versatile and complement any outfit, whether you’re dressing up or down. When the weather is balmy, opt for lighter clothing made from natural fabrics like linen instead of constricting wool.

In this type of environment, a pair of leather shoes will still look fashionable and acceptable, and they may be worn with a range of outfits. You can spice up any outfit by adding leather shoes, and they’re comfortable enough to wear all day. If you’re not sure if a garment is suitable for the occasion, leather is always acceptable.

Easy To Clean:

As we all know, summertime is a time for the outdoors and (for many of us) increased activity. With all that running around, it’s no wonder our shoes get dirty! Leather is not only easy to clean but also resistant to staining. By keeping them looking new longer, you’ll be glad they’re made of this specific fabric.

Leather is one of the most easy-to-clean materials. For routine cleaning, use water and soap; alternatively, if your shoes pick up a certain type of dirt, choose a special cleaner. It’s that easy.

Even if you’re quite active during summer, it won’t be much work to keep them looking new.

How to wear leather boots in the summer?

girl wearing leather boots in summer

Many people consider leather boots a wardrobe essential for men, but is it appropriate to wear them in the summer? Yes, they can absolutely add a touch of ruggedness and sexiness to your look! But that’s not all—they can also protect your feet from the elements. So if you’re looking for footwear that serves both style and function, look no further than leather boots!

Here are some suggestions for wearing leather boots in the summer:

– Choose a pair of leather boots that are breathable and comfortable.

– Wear your shoes with light-colored clothing to help keep you cool.

– Avoid wearing your footwear in direct sunlight for too long, as this can cause them to become uncomfortably hot.

– If they start to feel too warm, take them off and allow them to cool down in a shady spot.

– Store them in a cool, dry place when you’re not wearing them to help prolong their life.

– Bring along a spare pair of socks so you can change into them if your feet start to sweat.

-Lastly, don’t forget to polish your boots regularly to keep them looking their best.

By following these tips, you can enjoy wearing your leather boots even during the hottest months of the year and still look great!

Final Verdict

Not only do leather shoes look great, but they’re also practical and have a variety of benefits for the summer season. If you’re searching for a shoe that keeps the feet cool, is durable, and looks good with everything else you own, leather is the way to go.

For people who are constantly on their feet during the summer, leather is an excellent choice because it’s a breathable and durable material that is also easy to clean. 

If you have any other questions about leather shoes or how to take care of them, please feel free to ask in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


Can I wear leather boots every day in summer?

Fashion experts suggest giving your footwear 24 hours to rest between wearing same shoes or boots again. Your shoes can lose their shape and the leather will warp if you don’t allow them to air out for at least one day. Furthermore, they can become musty and start to smell.

How long can you wear leather boots?

If you wear leather boots every day for hours, they can last up to two years. Boots made with high-quality, premium leather can last significantly longer than cheaper alternatives; Some boots can last for six or seven years.

How to get rid of the smell of leather boots in summer?

You may try a variety of strategies to eliminate the leather boot smell in the summer. One is to leave them outside in the sun for a day or two. Another is to stuff them with newspaper overnight. Finally, you can try spraying them with a mixture of water and vinegar.