How To Clean Rubber Boots Outside

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How To Clean Rubber Boots Outside

Rubber boots can be one of the most valuable accessories for any kind of outdoor adventure. Whether you’re hunting, fishing, or just walking through the forest, these boots will protect your feet from the ground.

Whatever you do, you must protect your feet from the elements. In cold weather, rubber boots are a must. They protect your feet and ankles from the cold, snow, and ice. They also keep your toes dry and toasty.

Did you know that your boots can get dirty quickly? It’s true. Mud and dust are common in rainforests, jungles, and other wet environments. Therefore, it makes sense that your boots get dirty so easily. The question arises: How do you clean rubber boots outside?

Rubber boots can be cleaned outdoor in a number of ways. It will take some time to clean your boots fully, but if you don’t clean them regularly, you risk getting sick.

In this article, we are giving tips about cleaning rubber boots outdoor, and we hope you will read it carefully and get more information.

Why is Rubber Boot’s Care so important?

Most people wearing a pair of rubber boots have at least one foot with a problem. This problem might be a blister, an ingrown toenail, a skin disease, or a fungus. When we are in a bad mood, we sometimes neglect our footwear. Thus, our feet become dirty and infected. To help prevent this, we must pay attention to how we treat our boots.

Well, if you take good care of your rubber boots, they will last for years! If you want your boots to last, you should make sure you keep them in good condition. Here we will share some tips to clean Rubber boot’s outside.

What causes Rubber boots to be dirty and damaged outside

Dirty Rubber Boots
Dirty Rubber Boots

There are several reasons why your rubber boots may get dirty or damaged.

  • They will get dirty if you wear them in the mud or snow.
  • But even if you just wear them around in the rain or on wet grass, they can still get pretty dirty.
  • And if you don’t clean them regularly, that dirt can build up and eventually damage the rubber.
  • Another common cause of damage to rubber boots is exposure to sunlight. If you leave your boots in the sun for too long, the UV rays can break down the rubber and make it cracked and brittle.

So if you want to keep your rubber boots in good condition, clean them regularly and keep them out of the sun.

How To Clean Rubber Boots Outside – 7 Steps

Step No 1. Remove dust and mud with a dry brush. If it is muddy, you need to use a shoe cleaner. Use a brush that has no bristles. The best one is nylon because it will not damage your shoes. 

Step No 2. Clean the outside of the boot to remove any stains. Do this with a clean white cloth or a sponge dipped in water.

Step No 3. Then, clean your boot with soapy water and you can rinse it with water. Make sure you do not soak your boot for more than three minutes because it will make your boot wet. However, when you soak your boot for longer, you can ruin it.

Step No 4. After that, dry and wipe it out with a damp cloth so there won’t be any moisture inside your shoe.

Step No 5. To dry out your boot quickly, you can put it outside. But make sure not to put them in direct sun heat. As a result, they will get damaged quickly and can be cracked.

rubber boot drying in the sun
Dry out your boot

Step No 6. Soon as you finish drying your boots, apply a sealant to protect them from moisture and other elements.

Water proof sealant for boots
Apply a sealant

Step No 7. After all this process, you can spray polish on your boot to give it a fresh and shiny look. As many polish brands are available in the market, you can choose the brand you like. 


In this post, we discussed the Rubber boots and their cleanliness, care, and maintenance in detail. If you use rubber shoes mostly, you should know that they are a very durable type of shoes. To ensure they are well maintained, you need to clean them regularly.

Moreover, you must remember to keep them in dry and warm places. Furthermore, if you want to keep them in good condition, you can use the mentioned shoe care tips above.

All in all, if you have an old pair of shoes or boots that needs a new look, these tips can help you get rid of the bad impression of your old shoes. Just follow these steps, and then you can give your old shoes a fresh new look in a concise time.

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